The work of Asger Carlsen

Danish photographer Asger Carlsen began his career at 16 when he sold a photo he took of the police yelling at him and his friends for burning a picket fence to the local paper. For the next ten years Asger worked as a crime photographer before moving on to shooting ads for magazines. Then one day while messing around on his computer he created an image of a face with a bunch of eyes that led him to the distorted photographs he has become known for. His eerie and often humorous work makes you question what is human, and has been exhibited and published internationally.

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do you ever just jiggle your butt


Fallout 3 Poster Set

By Conor Smyth

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I’m bewildered by life sometimes, but I try not to live in the bewilderment.
Jimmy Webb of Trash & Vaudeville (clothing store) ←


Playing a Bethesda game like


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Awwww yeah I’m playin the sims 2 that I got last night for free and omg so much nostalgia. :3

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